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Atomic Blonde: My night with Barbenheimer

She’s everything. He’s just Death, the “destroyer of worlds”. Do theyneed any other introduction? Barbenheimer, Atomic Blonde, whatever youwant to call it, there was an undeniably exp...

Oct 23, 2023

An Interview with Meir Straus, Toronto’s 18-year-old Mayor hopeful

On Thursday, April 27th, I interviewed Meir Straus, Toronto’s youngestcandidate in the 2023 mayoral by-election. Straus is a grade twelvestudent from North York, and though his campai...

May 06, 2023

🥓 Bacon April issue - PDF

To view a PDF version of our April Bacon Issue, click here.

Apr 11, 2023

Silver Shrimp Studios: Building My Business

Hello Martingrove readers and future Silver Shrimp gamers. Silver ShrimpStudios is my emerging video game design studio, focusing onstorytelling, art direction, and connections to rea...

Apr 10, 2023

Letters to the Editors - Submission Form

At the Beacon, we strongly believe in the importance of the student body’s voice. While we are a student-run publication, we also believe that opportunities for non-contributors to sh...

Apr 10, 2023


Thursday, Martius XXXI, XLIV BC

Apr 01, 2023

🥓 Scammers And Frauds: The Joke Known as The SAC

Arushi Unny - “…he used a weather machine to make it snow on the dayof the winter assembly.”

Apr 01, 2023

🥓 How to Become a True Torontonian

Being a citizen of Toronto likely isn’t a crucial part of your identity,and if that’s the case, you may want to reconsider your priorities. Theword ‘Torontonian’ packs a larger punch ...

Apr 01, 2023

🥓 Easter Preparations: MCI Teachers Edition

Bears, have you ever wondered what your favorite teacher does duringEaster? Ponder not a millisecond longer as we’ve conducted top secretinterviews, compiling a curated guide of early...

Apr 01, 2023

An Assembly Of Winter Magic

For a so-called “winter assembly”, it barely made it to the finish line;it was held on March 13th and winter ended only seven days later. TheAssembly was originally set for December, ...

Apr 01, 2023