Messages to a Younger Me

Instagram Apr 30, 2020 · 1 min read
Messages to a Younger Me
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i’m sorry 

sorry i held you captive by refusing to listen

sorry i listened to their screams 

that they were making us stronger 

when we just needed to be safe—

i was a kid 

i’m sorry i didn’t take care of you as well as i should have

sorry i can’t remember much of you 

i’m sorry i still struggle with the insecurities 

you tried so hard to beat down 

i’m sorry you’re still hurting—

sorry that the same arms that held you

when you were looking for comfort 

were the very ones 

that you needed to be shielded from 

i’m sorry you were forced to grow up 

faster than you should’ve 

sorry you isolated yourself 

because you didn’t have anyone else to go to

i’m sorry you weren’t able to be a kid

for very long

i’m sorry they hurt you

sorry they neglected and belittled you—

as you continued to search for praise

for them to lift you up as they tore you down

i’m sorry their words still hurt you—

they’re holding you captive 

with words that mean nothing 

and actions that mean everything 

i’m sorry that sorry isn’t enough

to give back the childhood that they stole 

Image source: “Hand with oil pastel draws the heart” by from [Pexels]{.underline}