Halloween Interviews with MCI teachers

Nadine Telesford Nadine Telesford Instagram Oct 23, 2023 · 4 mins read
Halloween Interviews with MCI teachers
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Two weeks before the beloved holiday where people wear elaborate costumes to scavenge every home in the neighborhood in search of the best candy possible, I interviewed some of the particularly festive teachers at MCI. To be specific, I interviewed the following teachers on their favorite candy and their most memorable Halloween experiences from when they were younger.

Ms. Thomson (has taught at MCI for 20 years to date)

Location: History Room (which she also was in as a student at MCI)

Nadine: My first question for you is, what is your preferred Halloween candy?

Ms. Thomson: Reese’s peanut butter cups. Hands down the best.

Nadine: No hesitation.

Ms. Thomson: No hesitation.

Nadine: An understandable choice. My other question is, what would you consider your most memorable Halloween experience to be?

Ms. Thomson: One time, when I was trick or treating, I was quite young then, I went to somebody’s house and I knocked on the door. Then, the fellow came out, and I had my bag and was in my costume - I don’t even remember what it was, and I said, “Trick or treat!” He responded, “Give me a trick and I’ll give you a treat!” and I never heard anyone say anything like that before. Usually, people just put the candy in your basket and you walk away, the usual procedure you know? And it threw me so off guard that I just froze and I just stood there and I didn’t know what to do. Then, finally, I just walked away. I didn’t even get any candy, it was just the weirdest experience.

Nadine: Did you see his expression after? What was his reaction?

Ms. Thomson: No, I can’t really remember too much aside from that. I remember it was a man, an older man, and I think it was like a dad joke kind of thing where he was just trying to be funny, only I didn’t get it at first and it threw me so off guard. I was also really nervous so I just kinda froze. That’s a memorable experience for sure.

Nadine: Thank you, Ms. Thomson!

Mme. Ferland (has also taught at MCI for 20 years to date)

Location: sa classe de française (her French class)

Nadine: Good morning, Madame. What would you say your favorite Halloween candy is?

Mme. Ferland: Mini Crispy Crunch chocolate bars. That would definitely be my favorite. I remember always having them in our family as a treat we would get, so when I got free ones at Halloween, it was always fun.

Nadine: Free stuff is just the best. What do you remember as your most memorable Halloween?

Mme. Ferland: I think it was the first one where I didn’t have to go with my parents. I actually got to go around the neighborhood with my friends and that marked the beginning of me not having to go with my parents anymore, so that was probably the most fun. Especially since we were able to go off on our own. That was probably the most memorable one. I was maybe ten at the time.

Nadine: Merci!

Mr O’Reilly (has taught at MCI for 8 years to date)

Location: His English classroom

Nadine: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Mr O’Reilly (after careful consideration): I’ve got to say, hands down my all-time favorite are the mini Mars bars. No question. I’ll take a box of Smarties, I’ll take a Coffee Crisp, but my all-time favorite is the mini Mars bars. The last four years running I have bought Halloween candy in advance to give out, but the Mars bars never make it to Halloween. I eat them. I have a soft spot for them, and if I have the opportunity, I’ll eat at least four of them. Like it’s bad, it’s a bad habit I have.

Nadine: And what about your most memorable Halloween?

Mr O’Reilly: My most memorable Halloween? Gee-whiz, I spent three years as a kid in Cleveland on Halloween trying to get my vampire down. I couldn’t. I did a bad job on the vampire, but I think I got it the last year I had it. I had it down, I even had fake blood on my cheek (motions to face) and white pancake makeup. I even got the makeup right. I have a widows peak if you noticed.

** (reference picture to widows peak, delete after)**

Nadine: Yes.

Mr O’Reilly: So that is sort of essential [to the vampire costume]. So the vampire was a good one. That stuck with me for a long time. That’s all I can say. Another thing I want to mention is my attitude about Halloween- it’s the best Holiday out of all of them. Why? Because there’s no religious affiliation attached to it, there’s no mystical meaning and it’s pretty easy to understand. Give candy to kids.