Leadership Issue

Dhruv Patel Dhruv Patel Instagram Oct 29, 2023 · 1 min read
Leadership Issue
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This month, Grade 10 students went to Camp Manitou up in Parry Sound for Leadership Camp 2023. They were accompanied by several teachers, staff, and Grade 11 and 12 students returning as Activity Leaders, Counselors, and BLT’s (Bears Leadership Team). Campers left school early in the morning on October 2nd, and (begrudgingly) departed from camp after eating lunch on October 5th.

Campers were engaged in numerous activities each day, such as Outdoor Survival (including shelter building and archery), Camp Rock, Field Games, Dance, Group Rec (including sports, yoga, and mindfulness), Rocks & Ropes, Hiking & Geocaching, Drama, Co-op, and Arts and Crafts.

In the evenings, students of all color groups would partake in activities, including Camp-Wide Games (a series of minigames in which color groups would compete for the most points), Color Chaos (a collection of games played by all campers in the camp’s hangar), and on the last day, a Talent Show and a Dance.

This year, two new color groups joined the roster of the traditional colors of the rainbow: pink and silver. The winner of the Rocks & Ropes Participation trophy, a trophy recognizing the team that was most engaged and immersed during the activity, was Team Pink. However, Team Orange won both the Archery contest and Camp-Wide Games.

We collectively would like to thank Mr. Hartill for supporting us and the organization of this camp. After 15 years of dedication, care, and hard work for Leadership Camp, Mr. Hartill will be leaving the program for his retirement - he will be missed! Without his contributions and efforts, Leadership Camp would not have been the magical experience it is and has been for so many Martingrove students.

Attendees of Leadership Camp can look forward to the reunion breakfast taking place during the late start on Wednesday, November 29th. A list of resources/contacts that students are able to access if they are in need of help (or just someone to talk to) is available on the Leadership Camp Instagram page, found with the user “@mcileadership”. Remember we are all here to support each other!